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If you need design you can use our services:

  • Business Cards
  • Business Cards - Multiname
  • Flyers
  • Folded Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Letterheads
  • Compliment Slips
  • Booklets
  • Greetings Cards
  • Folders
  • £30
  • £35
  • £50
  • £80
  • £50
  • £25
  • £25
  • £120
  • £30
  • £30
  • Stationery Pack Design (Business Cards + Letterheads + Compliment Slips): £70

All above design services come with unlimited revisions and high quality photos if needed.



Artwork Size

  Ready Product Artwork Size
A1 840mm x 594mm 842mm x 596mm
A2 594mm x 420mm 596mm x 422mm
A3 297mm x 420mm 299mm x 422mm
A4 210mm x 297mm 212mm x 299mm
A5 148mm x 210mm 150mm x 212mm
A6 105mm x 148mm 107mm x 150mm
A7 74mm x 105mm 76mm x 107mm
Credit Card Size    
Business Card 85mm x 55mm 87mm x 57mm
1/3 A4 98mm x 210mm 100mm x 212mm

Artwork Guideline

  • BLEED - Ensure all jobs have 1mm bleed if required.
  • CROP MARKS - Please always make your PDF with crop marks. These should be software-generated and added at the PDF-making stage (by ticking the ‘Crop Marks’ option).
  • TRIM BOX - Please ensure your PDF has a trimbox. This can be checked by going to Preferences, Page Display, Page Content and Information, then ticking ‘Show Art Trim and Bleed Boxes’. The trimbox will show up as a green line (or may show up as red if the artbox is in the same position as the trimbox). If your PDF does not have a trimbox, this can be set by selecting the Crop tool, double-clicking on the PDF, then under Crop Margins change ‘Crop Box’ to ‘Trim Box’ then set the correct values. If your trimbox should be 3mm in from the PDF page edges for example, then set Top, Bottom, Left and Right Values as 3mm.
  • SPOT COLOURS - Ensure all colours in spot colour jobs are assigned Pantone colours (or are ‘Black’). CMYK and RGB colour used in spot colour jobs will result in your job being rejected. PLEASE NOTE: Do not use fountain fills in spot colour jobs as this will cause your job to be rejected.
  • RGB COLOURS - Do not use RGB colour in full colour jobs as the resulting colour may not be as expected once converted to CMYK for print.
  • RGB BLACK - Please note if you use RGB black (R 0 G 0 B 0) as a vector fill colour this will be automatically
    converted to CMYK black (100%k) by our workflow. Please also avoid having vector RGB black joining bitmap RGB black in your design as the join will be extremely noticeable once the conversion has taken place.
  • BLACK - Ensure all black text and fills have the colour value C0 M0 Y0 K100. Try to keep text below 12pt in black whenever possible, as small coloured text may not look as sharp once printed. Large solid areas of black can be ‘beefed up’ with the addition of 60% Cyan (C60 M0 Y0 K100) resulting in a deeper looking black known as ‘rich black’.
  • VECTOR/BITMAP COLOURS - Areas of colour which have vector fills will appear different to areas of colour which have bitmap fills once printed even when the colour values are identical. This means that a ‘join’ will be visible where vector colour meets bitmap colour. This will be more pronounced if RGB colour has been used after the conversion to CMYK has taken place. The solution is to extend your bitmap colour out in a bitmap package (such as Photoshop) avoiding the joining of vector and bitmap colour completely.
  • OVERPRINT COLOURS - If you accidentally set a fill or line to overprint, the final printed job will NOT look as it does in your design file, since all inks are transparent. (Top Tip: Once you have created your PDF for printing view it In Acrobat Professional and go to the drop down menu Advanced/Print Production and activate Overprint Preview. In this view you will be able to see if you have inadvertently left any Overprints on your job.
  • IMAGES - Try to ensure all images in your design file are high-res, the standard for which is 300dpi (dots per inch). The lower the dpi the worse your image(s) will look when printed, so please bear this in mind when scanning, manipulating or sourcing images for your job.
  • FONTS - Your minimum font size should be 5pt. Please use 100% black if text is between 5 to 7pt
  • ADDING TEXT ON TOP OF A PDF - Please do not add text on top of a PDF using the Adobe Acrobat Typewriter tool, as this will mean it isn’t embedded in the PDF and will not be included in the job when sent to print.
  • QUIET BORDER - A “Quiet Border”, (i.e. an area where no text or logos should be present), of at least 5mm from the trimmed edge of your artwork should be observed. This will avoid any part of your design appearing too close to the edge of the page and will give your job a more professional appearance. For A5 - A4 booklets we recommend 10mm quiet border for a much better finish.
  • QR CODES & BARCODES - Whilst we are happy to print QR codes and barcodes we take no responsibility for them, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they will work once printed.

Software Guideline

  • Adobe Illustrator (.pdf): Convert all fonts to outlines and embed all images. Specify Pantone colours where appropriate. Make sure overprint is turned off.
  • Adobe Photoshop (.pdf): Resolution must be 300dpi at quarter size.
  • Adobe Indesign (.pdf): Please export artwork and all relevant files as a High Resolution PDF
  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf): All PDF’s must be set to ‘High Quality Print’ setting, no compression.