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Business Cards
Business Cards

We offer full colour Business Cards (Size: 85mm x 55mm) printed single or double sided to suit all tastes and budgets:

  • Premium (Thicknes: 400gsm) - silk unlaminated.
  • Luxurious (Thicknes: 400gsm) - silk with matt lamination.
  • Soft Touch (Thicknes: 450gsm) - silk with Soft Touch laminate for that velvety feel.
  • Deluxe (Thicknes: 400gsm) - silk with a high gloss coating.
  • Indulgent (Thicknes: 400gsm) - silk with matt laminate and spot UV varnish.

Multiple Name Business Cards is a unique service which offer substantial savings when ordering for the same company.
For example: You require 500 Business Cards for 2 members of staff. A traditionally there would be charge 2 x 500 Business Cards. With our service you would order the combined amount of 1000 and benefit from the bulk saving.

  • 2 Types of Multiname Business Cards
  • 3 Types of Multiname Business Cards
  • 4 Types of Multiname Business Cards
  • 5 Types of Multiname Business Cards

This format is also good for all sort of Loyalty Cards, Discount Cards, Vouchers. Please select unlaminated version if you will need to write on it or use stamps.